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Female Neck Veins - Living Highways

Welcome to My Female Neck Veins Home Page

This web site is devoted to those magnificent female neck veins. Are there other people who share this unique interest? That's what I hope to learn with this small web site. Please write to me and share your links with me, and I will do the same for you.

Thank you.

Veins - The Living Highways

Female neck veins come in many sizes and shapes.

Interesting Vampire Link

For many who share an interest for beautiful female neck veins, they may also share an interest in vampires and stories.

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There are many varieties of female neck vein patterns, sizes and locations. No two females have the same. It's an interest that renews itself over and over. There must be web sites devoted to this interest, but so far I have noticed they are far and few.

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Nice V Jugular Example